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Basic facts about acne

Pimples may form as a result of various countless problems, including bodily hormones that are imbalanced, skin that is oily, an improper diet and stress. When acne form in delicate areas such as the on the earlobes, neck or eyelids, extra safety measures need to be taken when caring for them to minimize hurt and reduce redness and swelling.For more info regarding acne go to Wikipedia


Hormones can play a major part in causing acne pimples. In adolescence, the changes the body goes through can cause constant breakouts, while in adult years, bodily changes, such as premenstrual and pre menopausal episodes, can cause breakouts to continue. While any hormonal excess can promote pimples, the mail hormones are most notorious for doing so.

True pimples vulgaris in adults may be a as a result of features like pregnancy and disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome or the rare Cushing's syndrome. Menopause-associated pimples occurs as production of the natural acne pimples ovarian hormone estradiol fails at menopause. The lack of estradiol also causes thinning hair, hot flashes, thin skin, wrinkles, vaginal dryness, and predisposes to osteopenia and osteoporosis as well as triggering pimples.


Clogging of pores can be disastrous for you skin especially if it has a tendency of developing pimples. Keep your pores from clogging by using water based cosmetics instead of the ones which comprise of oil. However, natural oil like lavender, tea tree and jojoba oil can be very useful as they act as natural pimples cures.

Water has elements which are capable of cleansing your system internally along with purifying it to eliminate the infections and bacteria. It is for this reason why so much emphasis is laid on drinking 1.5-2 liters of water everyday. Besides drinking a good amount of water, mix juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a glass filled with warm water and try drinking it on an empty stomach. You will most likely surely see the desired effects in considerably short period of time.

Other than treatments that make use of herbs in the healing process, fruits are also great natural substances to counter the occurrence of acne pimples. Fruits such as mango, papaya, apple, grapefruit and even raisins can be used by applying them directly and making masks by mashing them. You can even make your toner using parts of cucumber juice, apple cider vinegar and tea tree and distilling them in mineral water.

These methods are very well proven adult pimples cures. Many thousands of people with all sorts of pimples from all walks of life have quite happily cured their acne pimples problems once and for all. I myself used fasting to cure my cystic pimples in just 15 days by doing a week long juice fast and I haven't looked back since! Many of the informations come from this blog como eliminar el acne

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